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Massage Therapy improves and reinforces manual medical treatments.

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At PPIM we offer Medical and Therapeutic Massage to our clients, in a private and comfortable setting, by highly trained massage therapy practitioners.

Nine Great Benefits of Massage

1. Massage Therapy improves and reinforces manual medical treatments, such as OMT, chiropractic, and physical therapy. After such treatments your muscles will want to pull your spine or pelvis back to to where it was before, because those muscles have responded or adapted to that dysfunction by assuming an abnormal and frequently painful tightness and stiffness. Massage helps train them to go back to how they should be in relation to the newly adjusted bones and joints.

2. Massage Therapy has many great benefits when combined with exercise. Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, all adults should be getting regular exercise, and massage will help to:reduce muscle soreness

  • improve your range of motion
  • balance your muscle tone (to prevent it from being too highly toned)
  • improve exercise performance
  • decrease muscle stiffness after exercise
  • promote relaxation

3. Massage relieves pain. Most people either already have or will experience back pain at some point, and massage enables those people to feel better and be able to function instead of remaining debilitated. Same goes for headaches and migraines.

4. Say hello to endorphins during every massage session. You know that great feeling you get after you’ve peaked in your exercise session? Get more of that natural goodness with massage. Endorphins are our natural pain killers and stress fighters. Who doesn’t want more natural stress fighters?

5. Massage helps you sleep better! Most of us could use a little extra rest, so why not promote healthy sleep with regular massage? Your brain will thank you. You will also feel more alert, one 1996 study found.

6. Your immune system will be boosted according to a Cedars-Sinai study from 2010. “This research indicates that massage doesn’t only feel good, it is also proving to be good for you,” said the principal investigator of the study. ”More research is ahead of us but it appears that a single massage may deliver a measurable benefit.”

7. You’ll even look better! Massage increases blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage, making your largest organ (skin) look healthier and younger.

8. Massage Therapy Soothes anxiety and depression without medication. Massage reduces cortisol, that pesky stress hormone. We all know cortisol much too well, and massage directly reduces cortisol levels, multiple studies have shown.

9. Massage soothes the mind and spirit, not just the body. During massage or bodywork sessions, your brain will enter an alpha state (like a meditative state), allowing mindfulness to occur naturally. This helps balance you emotionally and spiritually, in addition to all the great physical benefits mentioned above.

Massage is important for your health. It’s documented. It’s something that many people with debilitating pain have discovered has helped them regain their lives. But regular massage should not be enjoyed only by those in chronic pain; each of us will benefit by incorporating a monthly massage into our lifestyle. We really can’t afford not to!

We are excited to welcome the newest member of our team!

Susan Rissman

Susan Rissman

Licensed Massage Therapist

Susan Rissman has been licensed and practicing massage therapy in Colorado Springs since 1988. Her experience includes working with acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians, therapeutic and spa settings.

The cornerstone of Susan’s work has always been the connection that she makes with clients while utilizing methods of either deep tissue, relaxation, stress reduction or rehabilitation.

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