Herbal Medicine

& Essential Oils

At Pikes Peak Integrative Medicine, we are well aware of the value of Herbals and Oils in helping us feel calm, and to improve our sense of well-being. We may use various oils and aromas to enhance our other treatments.

The evolving field of Integrative Medicine has long appreciated the value and effectiveness of specific herbal agents in the treatment of common medical disorders. Many of our patients would rather use a natural remedy than a commercial pharmaceutical agent. Hypertension, for example, may respond well to certain herbal medicines, alleviating the long term risks and side effects, as well as the expense, of commonly used drugs. Certainly, there are many times when no good alternative to pharmaceuticals exist, and they will be prescribed when appropriate. We are willing, however, to consider any appropriate alternative.

Herbal Medicine and Essential OilsWhile PPIM plans to offer only a few varieties of oil and herbal medicines for purchase in our office, specific recommendations can be made, as well as a referral to a reputable herbalist when appropriate. And yes, CBD (non-THC) oil may be discussed and recommended.

Nutrition Services and Counseling

Many patients suffer from medical conditions that are greatly helped by proper diet practices. Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions are only a few such examples. Proper and personalized nutrition practices are essential to maintaining wellness, as well as treating and overcoming many injuries and illnesses. Integrative Medicine has a firm foundation in clinical nutrition. Holding a degree in Clinical Nutrion, Dr. Denam has long recognized this dynamic and the importance of good nutrition practices, recommending those that help the patient, and assisting his patients to avoid those that can cause harm. Let us design a diet for you.

Diagnostic Services

While no radiologic imaging, and only limited laboratory services are available on-site, your treatment may require specific blood tests or radiology diagnostics. PPIM has partnered with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics for laboratory services, and Penrad Imaging and other local imaging centers for radiologic services.

As a fully licensed Colorado physician, Dr. Denam can order and interpret diagnostic studies to aid in the care and treatment of his patients. Many other healthcare providers offering alternative treatments do not have the full medical licensure to legally use such services.

Sound Therapy

During an acupuncture session, or during massage treatment, certain specific sounds or music may be used to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. While this is an evolving field, Dr. Denam has taken a keen interest in the application of Therapeutic Sound Stimulation. During the treatments, sound therapy may help the patient to self-direct the valuable healing mechanisms of these treatments.

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